About Me – Wendy Clough

Welcome to Unintentional Survivor! I am so happy to have you here. Whether you are looking for help getting through the madness called widowhood or the insanity called parenting, you will find it all  here. I am writing about my experiences as a woman and as a mom, widowed at the age of 36. I am an only parent to three amazing girls and am constantly learning along this journey, whether I like it or not. Surviving grief, creating happiness, enjoying second chances, thriving again, traveling with kids, advocating for my children, dating as a widowed mom. Join me on my adventure through this life. Love for today! 

I would love to hear your partnership ideas to create amazing content for my readers. My family travels as a family of four and is always looking for new ideas for travel and fun, as a single parent family or anyone! Here are some examples of the ways I can partner with like-minded brands – and I am open to new ideas too!

  • Sponsored Resort and Destination Visits (see below)
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Event Appearance and Live Social Sharing
  • Speaker Engagements
  • Video Creation
  • TV Brand Representation
  • Twitter Party Hosting, Panelist & more!
  • Instagram Takeovers


For more information on any of the above, including current availability and rates, please email Wendy Clough at wendy @wendycloughonline. com {please remove the spaces}

Thank you!