We Don’t Get to Know What Happens Next

There is both beauty and fear in not knowing what tomorrow brings. We never really know what’s coming, what’s going to happen, what’s going to change. There are some things in our day to day that we count on – we don’t even think about because, come hell or high water, they will happen. The moon rising, the seasons changing, growing older, dinner coming after lunch, bacon being amazing. These things will always be true. But other things in life we can’t count on. We think we can, and then when something happens that drastically alters our vision of what’s supposed to happen, it can knock the wind out of us.

This sudden change can bring tremendous sadness, deep anxiety or passionate happiness. You never know. Your husband may not wake up again tomorrow morning. You might find out you are unexpectedly pregnant. Maybe you’ll get fired or your sister will be in a car accident. Your house can burn to the ground. A friend could die. You could meet someone that will change your life. You could land your dream job. You could get into the college of your choice – or not. Your train could go off the tracks. Your child could attempt suicide. The love of your life could tell you goodbye.

Unexpected events that you never saw coming. We don’t get that info. There is no system set up so that we can be prepared for what is next – not emotionally. We just have to continue on in this life and move forward. Sometimes that’s easy and life feels so good that moving forward is all we want and we can dance our way into the future. Sometimes it feels awful and moving forward is the last thing on earth you’d like to do. But we have no choice because those things that we can count on never stopping – don’t. The sun rises even when you don’t want it to. Time pushes us forward.

Time is healing. It’s often a trite saying but it’s true. But it’s not that simple. It’s not time itself that heals; its your body and mind sitting with all the emotions that you’re holding and processing them. Constantly. You breathe, you think, you feel. Feel all of it – over and over. Your body has a tremendous propensity for healing. Trusting in that is difficult but it truly is something we can count on. Our body and our minds have our best interest at heart. It can take time but healing happens.

I think back to the past several New Year’s Eve’s in my life and I realize how much I didn’t know as I was looking into the next 12 months. For better and for worse. There has been a lot of hard stuff and horrific pain that I’m glad I didn’t know was coming and there has been a huge amount of good as well. So much – good and happiness and magic that I never expected. As I sit here, happy that 2017 is on it’s way out and peeking into 2018, I feel good in knowing that there will be both good and bad, joy and pain, happy and sad, this year. There are 365 days of opportunity. Hell, every single day is a new opportunity for happiness. Landing an amazing job, meeting someone that makes you smile all day long, recovering from illness. We can hope and pray that the good outweighs the bad but we just never know.

I wish for all of us a happy and healthy 2018. But I wish even more for the awareness of the beauty of each day and the opportunity to begin again every single day. Not just on January 1. Each day, the moon will sink and the sun will come up and light up the world – and so can every one of us. Always leave room for the magic that can happen. I’m hoping for more of that this year – and always.

2 thoughts on “We Don’t Get to Know What Happens Next”

  1. Thank you Wendy. You hit the nail on the head again! This especially resonated with me: “It’s not time itself that heals; its your body and mind sitting with all the emotions that you’re holding and processing them. Constantly. You breathe, you think, you feel. Feel all of it – over and over.”
    That constant processing can be exhausting and confusing but I’m so glad to know it’s not just me with same thoughts swirling around in my
    mind. I keep trying to organize the thoughts in some way but I guess having them and feeling the emotion behind each one is the purpose. Thank you. A million times, thank you.

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