Music – Yes Please 

Music is the most amazing processing tool on the planet. I am in awe of those that are able to create this magic. My good friend Kevin and I used to listen to music together when we were heartbroken and down, way back in our 20’s. We would challenge each other to “top” that song with one even more heart-wrenching and perfect than the one before. It is therapy and it is hard and it is evocative and…damn…
This is a playlist that I have been working with the past few months if you’d like to take a listen.

What songs speak to you?
(Jambamama is because I make amazing smoothies and that is what my daughter calls me while drinking them)

3 thoughts on “Music – Yes Please ”

  1. So true! Anything by Van Morrison,always makes me think of Steven,along with many others. He sure loved his music,and I agree with you,it is therapy,glad you still use music to soothe your soul. Rock on!😘

  2. ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ was a hit while I was going through a difficult break up. I heard it everywhere and it seemed like I couldn’t escape it. I’m way over the relationship but every time I hear that song I have to turn it off otherwise depressing memories consume my brain. Leave the past in the past I say but sometimes something triggers you and it’s unavoidable. These days I just try to laugh it off. For example when I read the title I laughed to myself and said, “Here we go…”

    Time does heal old wounds but it’s funny how a song, a place or even a food can bring back memories and sometimes all of them aren’t good. I love the idea of making a game out of sad songs. It takes away the power of the memory. Well done W.

  3. Hi Wendy, I am reading your whole entire blog today. It came in on my feed from Instagram. I am too a Widow of just now turned 2 years & have just lost my dear sweet mother close to my Husbands anniversary of his passing. We had been married 32 years at his passing & have a now 18 year old & 11 year old. It has helped me so much by reading your story regarding your grief & life over the years…. please keep sharing! We Widows need to hear from other Women who know how we each feel & are going through on a daily basis. I like how you say minute by minute!
    I love your music list! I wanted to share with you a rocker/musician that my Sister shared with me because we both are huge music fans. Have you heard of Ryan Adams? Not Bryan Adams from the 80’s. Please look up his latest album Prisoner. You can pull it up on YouTube but the song To Be Without You, is amazingly written & will pull on your heart strings. The entire cd is incredible as his entire collection. Check it out sometime, you will not be disappointed! He was married to Mandy Moore the actress & the cd is pretty much about her & their life together & now apart…
    Thanks again for your inspiration!
    Sharon Johnson🎄

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